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Make your personal desktop real estate...   anywhere  while on tour!

Flightable is table convertible wheeled carry-on rollaboard travel luggage of 22 boarding size approved by airlines!

At the airport... you no longer need to joggle your laptop on your knee, awkwardly holding with one hand and typing with the other. This carry-on does it all.
On the bus... No table space available?... No worries... sit where ever, you now have your own! This rollaboard travel luggage provides it.
On stage... Need a gig bag on wheels AND a table to place your picks, harmonicas, tuners, etc., on? This carry-on rollaboard is for travel and gigs.
Off stage... Tired of placing your laptop on audio or dimmer racks. This laptop carry-on case is also your work space table.
FOH... need to make room for your laptop but the system tech has the tops of all the racks cluttered with CD's, Headphones, Comm, flashlights, head passes, portable DATS, etc? Tell them to buy the table convertible wheeled carry-on rollaboard Flightable and you'll consider hiring them again!
In clubs... Do you find yourself in clubs with no production office or you are trying to eat and there is no where to place your meal?
At the hotel... in the lobby waiting for others and need to work but the coffee tables are too low?
In the doctors office... waiting for the rest of the crew to get their shot of penicillin...
Managers / promoter's office... with time to spare, you can continue unfinished work without borrowing a desk from the office personnel.