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How to use...
By pushing buttons, you simply hold table and leg from one hand to next handíK and FLIGHTABLE is set up to be used and drawn back to go as illustrated...

  1. Withdraw the pulling handle into close-down position first.
  2. Push top button with 1st hand, that make the table cover unlocked.
  3. Extend table with 2nd hand and push same button again with 1st hand, that let the table leg descend.
  4. Push the purple button of the leg's middle bar with 1st hand, that make the leg extending longer to ground. (Make sure it's automatically locked at longest length to be used..)


  1. Use 1st hand to hold leg's middle bar and push the purple button with thumb same time - to unlock the lower section of the leg.
  2. Use 2nd hand to hold leg's bottom stand and raise it up to retract the leg shorter. 
  3. While leg comes to very short length, using 2nd hand's thumb to reach the middle bar and clamping to let the leg locked at the shortest length with CLICKING!
  4. Then use same 2nd hand to fold up the leg under the table cover until it's locked firmly underneath the table. (While 1st hand move to hold the top of carry-on, making sure it stands steadily)
  5. Use 2nd hand to close down the table until it's locked automatically. And it's ready to go..

Multi-functioned, piggy hook - 
Each FLIGHTABLE is attached with a multi-purposed hook. It either serves for hanging 2nd bags or to be used for stabilizing the table before working on the laptop.