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TouringTools Industry Buzz

What Others are saying... a shameless and self-serving display of comments about our TouringTools software products!
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TouringTools Users write...
  • "Heard about the program from a few people, most recently from  Paula Cole's tour manager. The LiveNotes apps work fine from the monitor standpoint. Can you add an app that will add talent to the stage or answer silly questions from band members ? Or more importantly, make people like Julio vanish when need be ??  Let me know when the software becomes available for sale. I think I've got a few people interested in buying it."
  • Hi Robert,
    You sent me Tour Pro last Aug. I have used it on 3 tours now and I love it. I have shown it to many other TM's who also said that it looked great. I was wondering if you had an official "on sale" date yet? Also if there is ever anything I could do for you please feel free to ask. This program has made my life on the road go much smoother. Thanks again. 
  • Hey Bob, 
    A buddy turned me on to some great advance sheets & as I looked closer, I saw your e-mail address on them. Checked out your web site, downloaded some demos, BLEW MY MIND !! This must have taken you years to develop. How can I get an editable & savable copy of tourpro? I've gotten into Prod. Management lately. 
  • Bob;
    I am still using your application and like it very much. However I need an update. I am running 5.0 at this time. I will be going out with the opening act for "O-Town" in February and would like to use your application for the budgeting as well as the day to day.
  • Hey Robert, 
    I finally got a chance to use most of the tour manager software rather than bits and pieces. I found a couple of bugs (which someday when I get time I will email to you), but for the most part it worked great!!! Best of all, my clients were very impressed by it. Everyone that saw my itinerary, day sheets, or saw me working on it asked about it. I've talked to a lot of people who are interested in using it. Thanks again for making it available. 
  • "Hi,  I've been using bits and pieces of your product for a couple of years and it has simplified a lot of my duties. I met Robert at the GQ Man of the Year awards, when I was production manager and LD for Paula Cole.  I am preparing to go out as Road Manager for Cesaria Evora and would like to use the updated demo for this tour."
  • "Hello, Rob... I just write you to say HI !!! Your "touring tools" program rules, dude. I touring now, whith a brazilian band and i show your program to the band guys and crew ans everybody freak out.
    Thanks for givin me. I can`t wait for the second part. Contact me any time. Keep in touch."
    All my best,  Pedro"
  • "This stuff rocks!! The toughest part for me will be entering all the tour info....I'm already working on it (thank God for typing lessons!!) I owe you my professional, and touring lives!! Thanx again. --Jim"
  • "All I can say is WOW....Your program looks amazing......."
  • "So what does this software do that I couldn't do with a #2 and a pad of paper???
  • "Hi again...last day of this SF Bay Area run and another interested customer... Could you send a demo to Toby Keith's production mgr.?? I showed him the demo and he was way impressed. Well, someone's at the gate claiming to be" with the band" so I have to go listen to their lame excuse..."
  • "I can see a real use for this program in the lighting world...especially with the country/Nashville based people....everyday is a new state fair! That could be real useful for these guys who do 50 or 60 fairs a summer, and then go back year after year.   Keep me informed..."
  • "I will be more than happy to get you set up with Full Sail as an exclusive deal. Like I said, they not only want to incorporate this software, they want to use it to rewrite their whole year long program. Very Exciting."
  • "I work at a management firm and I'm interested in purchasing software for touring and production. Can someone call me..."
  • "I used to turn people onto to Tourmiles, and Tourbooks, ALL THE TIME, but honestly your program looks far superior, and there was a major problem with the TM programs ALWAYS crashing, and being a major pain in the ass...."
  • "The tour pro software is awesome as far as I can tell..."
  • "What is this???? A demo or a computer literacy test for NASA? All I want to do is download a demo, guys! If a busy guy like me who works and tours every day can't do it, then what good is your software? I got as far as some zip file that wants to load itself onto my C:\ and then I get a message that the area is not empty. I don't have time to read your multi page instructions. With other software all I do is click, download, open it, and then I view it. Now what? "
    Regards...A tired tour manager.
  • "I work for a group call SENTIDOS OPUESTOS we tour all around Mexico and frequently Central & South America we are a non large production group about 22 people (artist&production) I want to try the software, The demo is kind of complicated and I want to try the real one, can you send me more info and prices."

  • "First of all CONGRATULATIONS! The 2 days a could use the demo really got my attention.  But something happened and suddenly my password changed for: expired. And now I can not use it the proper way. And I want to try it more.  At the other hand.   I think there can be a couple of companies (here in Mexico) interested in your software."
  • "I have been showing your demo to some of the production people I have been working with during this ten day run in S.F. They have all been vastly impressed."
  • "Dear reader: I am interested in the TourPro software and would like to download the trial software. Please email me when the 404 errors have been corrected."
  • "I think your software might work for the company, but it is his call. Oh, by the way I worked as local crew last year for Toni Braxton in Tampa and Orlando Fla. You had good mixes dude! See ya later on the road..."
  • "this has got to be the slowest site on the web (LOOSE THE MUSIC!!!)"
  • "Hello... I have been waiting for quite some time...  Do you have a fully functional CD version of Tour Pro for sale? Guest list?  Let me know...thank you,  Lee"
  • "I am legal assistant who received recommendation from another firm for a relational database that we could use for depositions. I have used various litigation support and was interested in how this was being used. Have you heard of your software being used for this purpose?"
  • "Hello, I was interested in your products on budgeting and accounting and all aspects of touring. What I wanted to see was the format. The website and what I downloaded didn't show what the programs looked like. I am a tour manager for various national acts and I'm using "Tourmiles" and
    "Tourbooks" and I'm not completely happy with it. So, if you could mail me something that shows the layout and format I'd appreciate it. Sounds like a great product!"
  • "I work for a Sydney based concert promoter and specialize in touring local and international acts. We do all of our own tour managing etc. and have often thought about the numerous advantages of having a software package that can assist with the daily duties involved with tour preparation and settlement etc.  Anyway please keep me posted on your progress..."
  • Let me start by saying that the TourPro package is well thought-out!! I cannot wait until the whole thing comes out...I've showed several of my friends and they're greatly impressed. Just waiting for a tour when I can actually start using this IRL. Especially as this is paperwork that you can return to over & over as reference material.....eventually it should help a lot; it's bad enough when you can't remember what city or state or even what day of the year it is, but having this kind of reference in a format will at least help with alleviating part of the stress! Let me know when the bugs are worked out so I can get it ASAP!!

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